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Backlinking for traffic

7 Backlink Building Techniques That Dominate


Backlinks are crucial to anyone who wants to get major traffic from search engines. So, it’s safe to say any smart Webmaster should put focus on backlinks.

Think of links from other sites to your site as vote in favor of your ranking. This tells search engines, “Hey, I’m trusted over here, can you give me a boost?”

Ranking can determine how much income you generate on the web. In fact, the difference between ranking number 1 and number 2 can mean thousands of dollars in your pocket. So, it’s time you learn the 7 best techniques for building backlinks and implement them today.

People First

People drive your business. They are the income you bring home, the loyalty you seek, and the trust you want to earn. So, always build your website for people first.

Think about Wikipedia. They pretty much dominate every search on the web. Over half of the pages pulled aren’t worth reading, but Jummy Wales designed the site around the needs of people. People flock to it because it is a user-friendly resource.

If you can get enough real people to genuinely care about your site, then you will rank highly for your keywords and keyphrases in your niche. Get the buzz going and watch the links follow.

Be Resourceful

Design your site with purpose. Be resourceful and useful to the people who visit your site. Popular sites on the web are filled with valuable information and products that people keep coming back to.

Take a good look at your site and ask yourself if and how it is helping others online. If you can’t figure this out, then you need to rethink your intentions.

Write Amazing Content

With sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Diggs you can get a great amount of links just by writing amazing content. The best part is awesome content picks up backlinks all the time, regardless of how old it is.

Amazing content can be anything from an article filled with advice, a funny image, a cool video, and much more. Just keep pouring content out there and fill the needs of the people in your niche.

Use Article Directories

Article directories are a great way to get the word out there about your site. Take caution because a ton of spammy article directories exist. But the good one are worth their weight in gold.

Check out sites like Ezine Articles, Article Dashboard, and Go Articles. These sites review articles first before putting them on the web. This helps to avoid spam and duplicate content.

Once you write your content, you can fill out your Author Box. This gives you the opportunity to add a backlink that leads to your site. It’s a good idea to add a backlink that directly relates to the content you wrote. Don’t just direct all traffic to your home page. Choose landing pages that add value to the reader’s experience.

Design an Astonishing Site

You can have a good looking site without spending tons of money. Buy templates from WordPress Theme sites, or other theme sites and edit them. If you have some extra cash, why not hire a quality web designer to build your site for you?

Once your design is set and your site looks mind-blowing, you can find links in CSS and Design directories. There are plenty of directories out there that showcase beautiful web designs, so don’t miss out.


You likely got into your niche because of the influence of others. You read everything they had to say and followed their lead. Why not use these influential resources for collaboration? Some of the greatest online businesses in the world were created by great minds working together toward a common goal.

Interview Influencers

Just as you likely to work with influencers on a project, you can also interview them to get great information out to your audience. Interviews pine you as an expert. If someone is looking for the person you interviewed on the web, they can be directed to your site and soon come to you for more information.

Implement these 7 techniques for building the best backlinks and you won’t need to worry about traffic flow any longer. Soon people will flock to your site for valuable information and products. Before you know it, your name will appear all over the web as the go-to authority in your niche.