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If you’re serious about improving any aspect of your digital marketing and sales processes then please contact us to set up a 30 minute consulting session. No obligation. We'll give you answers to your questions, clarity on what you need from digital marketing and an overview of how we might work together if you are interested to go further..

Here are some FAQs:

Who are you?

Molecule Marketing is a specialist digital marketing consultancy headed up by Richard Smith.

How does the consulting call work?

The call normally takes place over the telephone but we are happy to jump on a skype or zoom video call if you prefer to deal with somebody face to face.

What is the aim of the call?

The aim of the call is for you to ask questions about any digital marketing topic that you need help with. We suggest having a maximum of three questions ready for the call.

What will I get out of the call?

We want you to come to us with a question or problem you are facing in your business and let us give you some action points that you can go away and implement.

The idea is for us to give you value.

If we do that then you may use our services in the future.

Is there any cost for the call?

No not at all. The call is a consulting call. We advise having three marketing related questions ready.

Of course 15 minutes is not long, but we would expect to get your questions answered and give you some concrete steps to follow.

Why should I choose you?

It is always difficult to choose a partner to provide business services.

Please take a look at our testimonials page to see what other clients think about us and how we work.

Can you come to our office?

If you are based in Poland then we are happy to visit you at your office. Of course not all companies are local which is why we offer the consulting calls via Skype and Zoom as well.

Do you offer any paid training courses?

We are currently putting together a range of digital marketing study courses in video and PDF format so please keep an eye on the site for more details.

These will cover a wide range of digital marketing skills and are great to use for businesses and entrepreneurs alike.